Thursday, July 28, 2016

Term Limits for Federal Judges


Preamble. The purpose of this Amendment is to curtail the power of federal judges by imposing a limitation on tenure and to ensure timely action by the Senate in the confirmation process.   Consequently this Amendment intends to effectively renew and depoliticize the Federal Courts.

Section 1. Federal judges shall serve for a term of ten years with good behavior, but are not limited to serving a single term.  The President may renominate federal judges for an additional term of ten years upon the expiration of a current term.

Section 2. a.) The Senate shall have a period of 120 days to vote on a judicial nomination by the President to any federal court.  If the Senate is not in session,  the 120 days shall begin when the Senate reconvenes.   b.) If a majority of Senators fail to vote to deny confirmation of a nominee before the expiration of the aforesaid 120 days that nomination shall be deemed as confirmed without objection.   c.) A senator can vote for a judicial nominee on the Senate floor after being recognized for any reason during regular business with the clerk being present to record the vote.

Section 3. a.) Any federal judge serving for less than ten years shall serve a sum of ten years from the day the aforesaid judge swore the judicial oath when their term shall expire.   b.) Any federal judge serving for more than ten years before this Amendment is ratified shall continue to serve until they have been replaced pursuant to this Amendment.

July 4, 2016

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